Data Warehousing


XploData implements successful data warehouse solutions at customers, through:

  • The usage of a standard Information Management Reference Architecture in a modular way, providing insight in the ‘as-is’ and used as a reference to define the ‘to-be’ data warehouse target architecture that is fit for purpose in the current context.
  • The application of a standard in-house developed project management methodology enabling faster delivery of DWH solutions, and paving the route from the ‘as-is’ to the ‘to-be’.
  • The usage of a standard Data Factory Framework to guarantee a harmonized way of working for back-end developments (ETL/ELT).
  • Highly skilled people that apply a common way of working and have the data warehousing concepts in their DNA.
  • Project deliveries led by project managers with data warehouse affinity and knowledge.


XploData delivers highly skilled people that; have a no-nonsense but professional attitude, apply a common way of working and know the concepts of data warehousing. We have trained and certified our people in taking up the following roles:

  • DWH & ETL designers
  • DWH & ETL developers
  • DWH Architects
  • Data Modelers (Data Vault, 3NF, Dimensional, …)
  • Functional & technical information analysts
  • Project Managers with experience in BI/DWH environments