Adding the big data flavor

Big data, it’s not only volume!

Data at Rest

Terabytes to exabytes of existing data to process

Data in Motion

Streaming data, milliseconds to react

Data in Many Forms

Structured, unstructured, text, multimedia, social media

Data is Uncertain

Human mistakes, noise, wrong signals, different circumstances

A brand new architecture

Traditional Data Warehouses allow tightly coupled data that is accepted after integrating it. This changed! New emerging technologies and infrastructures allow the storage of large volumes of data in many varieties, and this at a lower cost.

Data can exist non-coupled for discovery. It might evolve to a loosely coupled state; data exists slightly modeled but is not fully integrated. In a next stage data gets fully integrated for production use. A new architecture is required to support this data lifecycle.

Co-existence: Big Data & DWH

Can a Big Data platform co-exist with my current DWH? Does one replace the other? How to integrate a Big Data platform into my existing Information architecture? What is a Data Lake or Data Reservoir? We can guide and help making the right decisions by:

  • Using a standard Information Management reference architecture with an answer to Big Data in the DWH
  • Sharing our deep DWH knowledge
  • Leveraging the knowledge existing within the Cronos Group around Big Data platforms
  • Assisting Big Data consultants that often don’t have these deep DWH skills

This results in Big Data solutions that are perfectly integrated into your today’s Information architecture!

Moreover we provide DWH ETL designers and developers that have:

  • Knowledge on Big Data technologies from a data integration perspective
  • Knowledge on Hadoop, Cloudera, …
  • Knowledge using ODI / Informatica PowerCenter on Big Data Platforms (connectors)
  • Knowledge on BI/DWH concepts